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At Gadgets, we work with most types of access control systems. Be in control of access to your business. Whether you want to simply prevent access through your front door or set up a complex system where all employees / tenants have different levels of access to segregated areas throughout different times of the day, then we can help.

Electronic access takes the worry away from lost of stolen keys. Avoid having to change your locks when you can simply deny access to the missing key fob. Change the access level for each staff member \ tenant in the click of a button.

Controlling access to your building and certain areas of your building is sometimes a major part of business management. Electronic locks enable you to do this if they are set up properly. One of the best systems for this is the proximity card. This is a card access lock system that will allow you to determine and set specific groups or individuals to enter areas of the building at predetermined times. You have card access control so you are able to restrict or allow access for personnel as needed. They will need a special card to enter the building and rooms, but this is part of the practicality of these security products. If you don’t have a card, you are denied access.

Integrate your electronic door locks with your intercom and allow access remotely at any time with the simple push of a button.

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